Parco d’arte Quarelli di Roccaverano, asti (it) 17.06.2017 – 15.10.2017

‘Revolting Mass’ will be at display at the beautiful sculpture garden of Parco d’arte Quarelli di Roccaverano.

“Senza Frontiere” (Without Boundaries) is a sculpture exhibition, curated by Alessandro Demma, at Parco d’Arte Quarelli di Roccaverano, an incredible landscape where nature and contemporary art fuse with suggestive uniqueness.

Parco Quarelli already possesses a permanent collection of a very interesting kind. For this occasion the park will be hosting the artworks of twelve national and international oriented artists: Marisa Albanese, Maura Banfo, Simone Benedetti, Stefano Cagol, Aron Demetz, Nicus Lucà, Andrei Molodkin, Perino&Vele, Vincenzo Rusciano, Giuseppe Teofilo, Adrian Tranquilli, Wouter Klein Velderman.

The idea of “Senza Frontiere” is of a huge contemporaneity, it encloses reflections on many concepts that are structured in the present society, from multiculturalism to migration, from globalization to total universe, from oneself to another, from political boundaries and ideological power to physical boundaries and restrictions, from territorial conflicts to power conflicts. This exhibit assumes the dimension of a “spazio critico” (critical space) in a place that lives in the absence of limits: nature. This is precisely the short circuit that Senza Frontiere wants to put in a scene, a theatre in which uncontaminated places of nature confronts with the artificial space created by men.

All the premises to fall in love at first sight in this magical angle of Langhe are present. A few kilometers from Asti, the land hosts an artistic route and the art, that doesn’t recognize boundaries invites everyone to lose themselves in nature of Parco Quarelli, an open sky gallery , an exposition space made of hills, woods and terracing green. The exhibit, Senza Frontiere, will be open to public from June 18 to October 14, entrance is free.

Parco Quarelli
Via Pianlavaggio 16, 14050 Roccaverano, AT

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