De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, NL, 16.10.2014-28.11.2014

Joanneke Meester reflects on the necessity of the things we tend to impose on ourselves and one another in everyday life. In search of something to go by, she formulated the statement ‘I am not doing anything until I feel the need’. Meester invited 365 artists to convert their personal interpretations of the statement into an image for inclusion in a daily calendar, designed to confront users day in, day out with the mantra ‘I am not doing anything until I feel the need’.
This conceptual and collaborative artwork will be available in bookshops and museum shops in the Netherlands and Belgium from September 2014 and can be ordered online via:

Related exhibitions: I am not doing anything until I feel the need.
The exhibitions presents an overview of almost all original works that were included in the calendar.

17 Oct – 28 Nov. De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam.
Address: Westeinde 1, Amsterdam
Open to visitors on weekdays, by appointment only.
Visitors will be asked to show valid proof of identity.

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