Rosier Flowers

De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL) / Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (NL) / Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle (NL)

Rosier Flowers 2008, sewn PVC fabric, wood, 420 x 315 x 300 cm

Rosier Flowers is a replica of an already existing kiosk, yet the materials consist completely of grey PVC fabric, except for a wooden construction on the inside which cannot be seen. From a distance, the spectator might think there is more to it, than simply this grey sculpture. The work is almost ruined by people who are completely sure there has to be something on the inside, when there isn’t.

‘My work has always to do with some sort of business-like character: transport, mobility, storage etc. Also, the used materials refer to this: PVC-material (the canvas of a truck), wood, coloured canvas, metal, as well as ‘ready mades’ like a storage-rack, a sail of a windmill or an existing artwork.

However, the works existing out of this look the opposite, almost vulnerable. By treating the materials endlessly and full with love, sculptures exist that for some people may cause a big disappointment. A huge truck looks like it could collapse all at once, a fully packed storage-rack, placed in the public space, offers storage for unsaleable ‘manic products’, and an escalator is laying in all his size, washed ashore on a beach, instead of standing powerfully against the dunes.’

‘With art in the public space you appeal to an endless range of spectators. A lot of people are going to observe it, and you will never know who your public is. This means that there is a difference in interaction and the level of profundity between the work and each viewer. In my investigation, these differences are my starting point; the public space and the laborious material is my equipment.’ (Tekst by Lilian Bense)

Photo above and all below: Erwin van Amstel, Rosier Flowers at De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL)

This project was made possible with the help of Mondriaan Fund.