No Title

In collaboration with choreographer Krisztina de Châtel, IN HOLLAND STAAT EEN HUIS, BREDA (NL)

No Title 2013, dance performance, sewn PVC fabric, Wood, sewing machines, 730 x 385 x 450 cm

International Stilte Festival Breda, together with Mondriaan Fonds, invited Krisztina de Châtel and Wouter Klein Velderman to make a collaborational piece.

Krisztina de Châtel Hungarian-born choreographer Krisztina de Châtel has made around 70 choreographies and two dance films. She is driven by a rare urge for innovation, while remaining true to herself. She is open to new cultural developments and frequently seeks to collaborate with other artists.

Participating visual artists: Emmeline de Mooij, Lotte Geeven, Wouter Klein Velderman and Xue Mu / choreographers: Krisztina de Châtel, Jack Gallagher, Suzannah Mc Creight, Lu Kemp and Imogen Knight / dancers: Alex Havadi-Nagy, Naima Sommacal, Paolo Yao and Kaia Vercammen

Dancer: Alex Havadi-Nagy


Short documentary about 'In Holland Staat een Huis'

This project was made possible with the help of Mondriaan Fund.