Theme work #5

Beeld Hal Werk, Amsterdam (NL) / Autosalon Tilburg (NL) / Subvision Art Festival Off, Hamburg (DE) / BIES! Dordrecht (NL)

Theme Work #5 2009, a super fast 1987 Nissan 300ZX Turbo sports car, sewn transparant window foil, wood, airbrush painting, 600 x 240 x 260 cm

A car with a running engine, is locked inside a transparant container. There's a portrait of Kim Jong-Il airbrushed on the hood.

This sculpture was made in commission and with the help of: CBK Dordrecht, Schouwburg Kunstmin Dordrecht, Autosalon Tilburg, Subvision Art Festival Off Hamburg, De Servicegarage Amsterdam, Parachutartists

Theme Work #5 at Beeld Hal Werk, Amsterdam (NL)

Photo's above and below left and right: Ernst van Deursen and Dorian de Rijk

Theme Work #5 at Subvision Art Festival Off, Hamburg (DE)

Subvision Art Festival Off 2009, Hamburg in collabortion with De Servicegarage, Amsterdam

Airbrush painting of Kim Jong-il, the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly referred to as North Korea, from 1994 to 2011.

Theme Work #5 at Bies! Dordrecht

Photo's above and below left and right: Katarina van Klooster

Video registration of Theme work #5 at BIES! Dordrecht.

Youtube: Television commercial for a Nissan 300ZX giveaway - 1985

Youtube: Television commercial for a  Nissan 300ZX - 1987

This project was made possible with the help of Mondriaan Fun