Masking Wood


Masking Wood 2013, sewn PVC fabric, cord, tree, 600 x 600 x 2500 cm

A full size reproduction of a church tower is sewn from plain grey PVC fabric, the strong material that trucks are usually covered with to protect their load.

With a huge crane the tower is slid over an existing pine tree.

The cover comes down like a sock puppet on the tree. It will give the sculpture its shape. The tree functions now as the sculptor.

public space of diepenheim, kunstverenging Diepenheim, diepenheim (NL)

Local resident Nico Nijkamp took the occasion to paint the newly arranged village square with its church tower.

With its 25 metres hight the newly build church tower takes part of the skyline of the small village of Diepenheim.

Van nelle fabriek rotterdam during art rotterdam, Art Rotterdam 2014, rotterdam (NL)

During Art Rotterdam 2014 Masking Wood was part of the outside program. The tree was borrowed from the Leenderbos, with permission of the forester, because unfortunately there were no proper trees to be found around the Van Nelle Fabriek.

Forrest of the village of Leende, Leenderbos, Leende (NL)

Masking Wood was commissioned by Landkunst Leenderbos in 2013. Originally the sculpture reached a hight of only 15 metres. Only in 2015, when the occasion to place the object over a tree in Diepenheim, I raised it upto the 25 metres that it has now.

Over 10.000 soft bricks were cut out of the PVC fabric and sewed back together, all with their own seam, to build up the church tower cover.

The cover is fully carried by the tree. The viewer could crawl under its skirt to admire the pine tree.