Escalator / Basket / Hieronymus / Lorry

Zilt, beach of Heemskerk (NL) / museum de fundatie, heino (NL) / agorafolly, brussel (BE) / w139, amsterdam (NL) / Parkscapes A1, A1 Bentheimer Wald (DE) / Fiera Internazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Milaan (IT) / landgoed anningahof, zwolle (NL) / Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

During and right after my study at the Sandberg Institute I started to make large scale sculptures. I mainly worked with sewn canvas of second hand holiday tents. People who advertised their tents on market place websites received my request to hand them over to me for free, so I could cut them open and add them to my works.



I was not capable of shaping the used canvas and metal tubes very precisely. Therefor the sculptures that I made from this material gained a certain looseness. Hieronymus (2006) is based on the 16th century paintings of the early Netherlandisch painter Hieronymus Bosch. I think that fortunately my incapability of constructing the materials at that time gave the installation a certain picturesque play that hopefully brought the installation more close to Hieronymus' paintings.


Later, when I got invited to exhibitions with a budget, I was able to buy materials and got acquainted with PVC fabric. The constructions that kept the sculptures standing consisted first of metal tubes and later of thyleen elements.

I started to look for new techniques to work with fabrics for reproducing everyday objects that grasped my interest. I quickly found out that PVC fabric is quite a strong material to work with. There arose an interesting space in between what I wanted to make with this soft material on the one hand, and eventually what it became, something quite different, on the other. Within this in-between space, the work gained its existence.

A copy of a real size truck, made in PVC fabric, became a sad hanging truck shaped garment. An escalator on a beach, made out of grey fabric, became an in between of a washed up animal and a melted robotic machine.


Escalator 2007, sewn PVC fabric, canvas (second hand holiday tents), thyleen tubes, wood, 500 x 1800 x 170 cm


Basket 2007, sewn PVC fabric, canvas (second hand holiday tents), metal tubes, wood, 320 x 250 x 200 cm


Hieronymus 2006, canvas (second hand holiday tents), metal tubes, installation with 7 sculptures


Lorry 2006, sewn PVC fabric, wood, 250 x 600 x 400 cm

Above left and right: Lorry Parkscapes A1, A1 Bentheimer Wald (DE)

Above: Lorry Servicegarage, Amsterdam (NL)

Above and below left and right: Lorry Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle (NL)