De Vitrine

The bookstore foundation / Stadsdeel West (NL)

Size : 460 x 340 x 10 cm
Material : Concrete, Metal
Context: De Vitrine is a temporary exhibition space for local artists that live in the Bos en Lommer neighborhood. It is realised by The Bookstore Foundation and made possible by Stadsdeel West, Amsterdam.
For a period of two years there will be six-week-exhibitions in De Vitrine.
Location : Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam, NLĀ 

Photos of the latest projects in De Vitrine, made by Harry Gosen
Artists: Ricardo Leite, Maze de Boer, Curdin Tones, Bernke Klein Zandvoort,
Isabel Cordeiro, Maarten Heikamp, Khurtova Bourlanges, Taf Hassem